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What is a Gunite Swimming Pool?

A gunite swimming pool is an ideal way to relax and cool off during the summer and is a material we at Caribbean Pools and Spas use extensively. Gunite is made of a strong, reinforced concrete material which gives it durability and strength so you can enjoy your pool for years to come. The gunite construction also allows for custom designs, shapes, and sizes so you can create the perfect backyard oasis. Gunite swimming pools and spas are built on-site in layers with gunite being applied through a high-pressure hose that sprays the gunite mix into the wall forms. This makes gunite one of the most durable materials available for building a pool because it is resistant to cracking or chipping over time. With proper maintenance, gunite pools should last for many years without needing extensive repairs or replacements. If you’re looking to create the perfect backyard escape, gunite pools are a great choice. They offer a superior quality and durability that can’t be beat!

Gunite pools also provide excellent insulation and can help reduce energy costs when heated. This is an important consideration when living in the New Jersey area. The gunite material helps keep the water temperature more consistent for longer periods of time, meaning less energy is used to maintain your desired temperature. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, gunite swimming pools will continue to look great for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a place to lounge and relax, or a fun-filled family area to make memories, gunite pools are the perfect choice for your backyard. Let Caribbean Pools and Spas help make your dream come to life!

What is the Difference Between Concrete and Gunite Pools?

The main difference between gunite pools and concrete pools is the material used to build them.

Gunite pools are created by spraying gunite, a type of dry mix concrete, through a hose onto a surface that has been prepped with steel reinforcing bars (or rebar). The gunite mixture is then allowed to harden and cure before being finished off with a plaster coating.

Concrete pools on the other hand are created by pouring ready-mix concrete into forms and then allowing it to set and cure before final finishing touches are applied.

Gunite pools tend to be more durable than concrete pools as they are sprayed in layers which helps to create a stronger structure. This means gunite pools usually have longer lifespans than their concrete counterparts. Furthermore, gunite pools offer more flexibility when it comes to design as gunite can be sprayed into any shape you desire.

On the other hand, concrete pools are usually less expensive and quicker to install than gunite pools due to the fact that they don’t require a large amount of preparation before pouring the concrete like gunite does. Additionally, concrete pools generally offer a smoother surface finish compared to gunite pools which can have an uneven texture if not applied correctly.

In conclusion, gunite and concrete pools both come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages but gunite material definitely tends to be the preferred option due to its strength and durability. No matter what type of pool you choose, make sure to consult a professional like Caribbean Pools and Spas to ensure the job is done correctly and professionally.

Why Choose Gunite?

Gunite pools are incredibly strong and durable, meaning they will stand the test of time. They also offer a wide range of customization options when it comes to shape, size, depth and other features. This means gunite pools can be tailored to fit any backyard design or budget. With gunite you also get superior water quality as gunite is resistant to algae growth and staining compared to other pool materials. Gunite is one of the most popular choices for in-ground swimming pools due to its strength and longevity. So if you’re looking for a high quality in-ground pool that will last for years to come, gunite is the way to go!


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