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Pool Renovations

As your swimming pool begins to age, the effects of long-term exposure to chemicals, nature’s elements, the cold weather climate as well as just general wear and tear can leave your pool looking tired and outdated. At Caribbean Blue Pools & Spas, we believe that your pool and the surrounding area is an extension of your home and should reflect your personal taste and style. Caribbean Blue Pools & Spas can transform your backyard and pool area into an outdoor oasis to be enjoyed by you and your family for years to come. We have been servicing pools, repairing pools, renovating and remodeling pools for clients in the New Jersey and New York area for over a decade.

When your pool was built, maybe a decade or more ago, there were limited selections of pool design options and materials available to you. The great news is that today, there is a vast array of pool designs and materials available that can transform your pool into something spectacular.

Our highly skilled craftsmen at Caribbean Blue Pools & Spas combine high-quality materials with cutting edge building techniques to rebuild pools or construct new swimming pools that will last and impress. We will work within your budget to construct a high-quality pool that matches the architecture of your home as well as your personal taste and style.

Creating an outdoor oasis involves more than just changing the design or materials of your pool. Elements such as outdoor lighting, hardscapes, waterscapes and landscaping can also add beauty to your outdoor area and increase your pool’s enjoyment. The use of the right materials and design, as well as other elements such as lighting, waterscapes, and landscaping, can help your pool to blend impeccably into your outdoor living space.

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