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What to do if a Torrential Downpour turns your Pool into a Pond?

Summer showers may be good for your flowers but they may also bring mud, mulch, and fertili

zer into your pool. Since rain showers don’t end in April, you need to be prepared for a storm throughout the swimming season. A torrential summer rain can come at any time. If a rain storm has turned YOUR pool into a muddy mess, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Turn off the pump

  2. Add FLOCK, a product that will attract the dirt…

  3. Give the FLOCK some time to work…

  4. Vacuum out the FLOCK

  5. Check your chemical levels

  6. Balance out the chemicals. If fertilizer made its way into the water, you will have a high combined chlorine level.

In order to rectify this and make it safe to swim add a double dose of your weekly shock treatment. Better yet, Call our pool service department at 973-283-7978 we are here to help get your pool up and running as quickly as possible!


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