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Our pool products and chemicals make it easier than ever to care for your pool!

If you take care of your own pool, you know how difficult it can be to figure out what chem

icals you need and to find high-quality chemicals at a good price. Our new line of Clear View pool chemicals solve these problems offering excellent quality products at great prices, clearly labeled for correct use every time!

Why choose our Pool Products?

  1. High-quality products using only the purest ingredients.

  2. Competitive pricing (Plus we accept competitors coupons and deduct an additional 5%!)

  3. We provide Personalized Service – visit our showroom to meet with our knowledgeable staff and take advantage of our complimentary in-store water testing.

  4. Our chemicals are all labeled for easy identification and our trained staff will explain what you need and how to use it! For those who would rather have someone else do the work, we offer weekly, bi-weekly and vacation maintenance service.

  5. We stay on top of all the pool industry trends, carrying the latest chemicals, products, and toys all in one place!

Visit our store/showroom link for a coupon for our DIY Pool Chemical Maintenance Value Pack. (available only with online coupon)

Caribbean Blue Pools and Spas are proud to be a family-owned business and the leading swimming pool design and construction company in the New Jersey / New York tri-state area. With decades of pool design experience, our expert team of Pool and Landscape Designers and our NJ Landscape Architecture partners work together to create the perfect outdoor living environment for YOUR home.

You can count on us to take care of all your pool and spa products and service needs, so you can sit back and enjoy your summer!


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