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Morris County Pool Company Donates Dirt To Fill in Mine Hill Sinkhole

A Morris County pool company will donate the dirt to fill in this large sinkhole in Mine Hill.

MINE HILL – A Morris County man who was going to have to spend thousands of dollars to fill in large sinkholes on his property will save some cash thanks to a good Samaritan.

An old mine on Andrew Kauff’s property in Mine Hill caved in, causing two sinkholes to form. The holes were nearly 20 feet deep. Officials said it was about 15 truckloads of soil that caved in.

Kauff’s homeowner’s insurance was not going to cover the costs, so it was going to cost about $10,000 to fill the holes.

The project is now going to cost a lot less thanks to the kindness of Mark Werner, owner of Caribbean Blue Pools and Spas. Werner saw the story about Kauff on News 12 New Jersey and decided to help.

Werner is building a pool in Denville and has decided to donate the dirt and equipment to Kauff.

“No one ever wants the dirt,” Werner says. “I know this guy is getting charged a lot of money, so why don’t I help him out? Good timing. I am working 7 miles from his house.”

With Werner donating the materials and labor, Kauff is now only responsible for permits and the cost of some equipment. It should cost only about $1,000. Kauff says that he is grateful.

“This is something you hear about, but never see,” Kauff says. “Makes me change my opinion about people.”

Sinkholes have become a problem in Mine Hill. The mayor is hoping for state or federal funding to help pay for sinkhole problems in the future.


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