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How to Vacuum Your Pool Properly

These instructions can be used to hook up a manual vacuum on a basic pool system. For proper vacuuming suction, it is important that the filter is clean prior to vacuuming. If necessary, backwash before vacuuming also. Check and make sure pressure gauge is reading within normal psi before starting to vacuum. To Vacuum a Pool to Waste If the pool has algae, dirt or other very fine sediment on the pool floor, it may be necessary to vacuum this sediment to waste. This varies from a traditional vacuuming in that the water and sediment being picked up from the pool floor flows out the backwash line instead of through the sand filter and back to the pool. Very fine sediment can get through the sand bed and right back into the pool in a short amount of time which means you will probably be vacuuming over again!

To vacuum a pool to waste, simply fill the pool up over the skimmer mouth (you will use at least 1 – 2” of water out of the pool vacuuming this way) and place your filter handle on the waste position instead of the filter. All of the other instructions are the same. Make sure to monitor your water level as you vacuum, and stop to add more water to the pool if necessary before continuing. The pump cannot be allowed to run dry. Things You Will Need:

  • Vacuum head

  • A vacuum hose

  • A telescoping pole.

If you have an automatic cleaner, please refer to your cleaner’s instruction manual for details on how to install and run the cleaner.

  1. Keep sand filter valve handle on “Filter” position.

  2. Close main drain ball valve (located in front of pump strainer basket).

  3. Attach vacuum head to the pole.

  4. Attach vacuum hose to vacuum head.

  5. Place head and hose in the water.

  6. Feed vacuum hose straight down into the water, allowing the hose to fill with water. Make sure the hose is filled almost completely with water to eliminate air in the hose line.

  7. Close valves to all skimmers but one, or plug off other skimmers with winter plugs. Set vac plate over skimmer you will vacuum out of. Attach vacuum hose to vac plate. If you do not have a vac plate, take skimmer basket out and plug vacuum hose into hole at bottom of skimmer. Caution: Suction will be strong! Make sure you shut off pump if necessary to hook up vacuum and turn pump back on when everything is in place.

  8. Vacuum the pool, moving the vac head slowly around the floor to prevent stirring up debris. If the pool has a lot of debris, you may have to stop vacuuming periodically to clean out the skimmer and pump baskets.

  9. After vacuuming is finished, remove vacuum hose from skimmer.

  10. Remove vac plate and winter plugs from other skimmers. Turn ball valves back to open position.

  11. Turn off pump.

  12. Remove skimmer basket and empty. Check pump strainer basket and empty if needed.

  13. Turn on pump and allow pressure to build.

  14. Backwash the filter.

  15. Remove vacuum hose and equipment from the pool.


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